Magnify Investment

In investing, what is
is rarely profitable

Who We Are

Magnify Investments is a private company that focuses on investing in distressed commercial real estate assets in the form of Mortgage Notes and REOs. We seek these opportunities from banks, credit unions, servicing companies and wall street funds that are having liquidity problems and need to sell these toxic assets.


Partnered Investment Capital
$ 100 M+
Unit Acquisition Target
500 +
Distressed Asset Relations
500 +
Partnered Transactions
250 +
Years of Experience
0 +


STEP ONE: Join Our Investor List

Click the link below and you’ll be added to our investor list to gain early access to new investment opportunities.


STEP TWO: Schedule a Discovery Call

Start your investment journey with a quick discovery call. We’ll discuss your goals and establish a compliant partnership.


STEP THREE: Enjoy the Benefits

Reap the rewards of multifamily investing! Our team will support you throughout the entire process.


"Investing with the founders of Magnify Investments has been a game-changer for me. Their strategic approach to acquiring distressed assets has consistently delivered impressive returns or the last 5 years. The transparency and thorough reporting keep me informed and confident in my investment decisions. I couldn't be more pleased with the results and the professionalism of their team."

Sarah T. Private Investor

"Magnify Investments' access to over 1,000 banking institutions has opened up a steady pipeline of opportunities for our company's portfolio. The team's dedication to maximizing returns is unmatched, making them my go-to partner for real estate investments."

Michael R. Institutional Investor

"After losing over $200,000 in the stock market, I was excited to start investing with the founders of Magnify Investments. Their strategic asset management and focus on long-term cash flow have been a breath of fresh air. The consistent communication keep me informed and confident in my investments."

Jessica M. Retired Business Consultant
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